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Monday, June 25, 2007
Lab Session: Follow up on Measuring Thalassia Growth

Thanks to Ms Siti and her friends who helped us 'collect' seagrass with the holes poked through them, we were able to follow up on our tests to measure seagrass growth when we returned from our various overseas trips. :D So today, we gathered in the Biology lab to study the growth of the seagrass.

Unfortunately, we realised that some of the sheaths had dropped off and there were singular leaf blades (most likely separated in the process of transportation). We were rather at a loss as to how to measure, since if there were no sheaths, we couldn't find the hole in the sheath to measure from to track the growth. Thank goodness Ms Siti was there and suggested an alternative - we would measure 2 cm from the bottom of the seagrass for uniformity. And thus we began.

We measured the distance between the holes (for most, the hole in the sheath was imagined to be present 2cm above the bottom of the seagrass) as the growth, and the length and width of each leaf blade in each thalassia plant and dutifully recorded everything down.

We were done after a few hours :) and actually, it was mostly uneventful, aside from one very sleepy person who kept reading off the wrong dimensions on the ruler, one very high person who commented oddly that measurement was more effective with wet sticky seagrass ("Because the seagrass will Stick to the Ruler!!!") and two other rather quiet people including Ms Siti. (:

Stay tuned for pictures and further posts!!

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