Seagrass @ Labrador Park
Si Hui, Jocelyne, Si Ling
We are a group of 3 Secondary 3 girls who decided to adopt the seagrasses at Labrador Park for monitoring, with Team Seagrass helping us(:
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Friday, August 17, 2007

Hello:D We have moved to! Please visit our new site from now on for more updates! Thank you(:

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10:22 PM

Thursday, August 16, 2007
profiling on 19 Aug!

Oh right, and i nearly forgot to mention, we will be going down to lab park this sunday to do a profile of the beach! This way, we will be able to see if the various species of seagrass found at lab park only grow at certain height above chart datum. However, as the tide on sunday will be quite high (0.8m), we will have to go down another day to finish the profiling. We will also be going down to do the soil test kits and water turbidity test another day, when we finally get the kit(:

p.s. the lab helper in our school bought a water-resistant camera for us! :D so we will be able to take more pretty pictures! which we will be uploaded soon!

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2:28 PM

due to feedback from Mr Lim, we have decided to move from blogger to wordpress! we are currently in the process of migrating and setting up our new blog, so do look out for our next post which will feature the url of our new blog! (:

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2:24 PM