Seagrass @ Labrador Park
Si Hui, Jocelyne, Si Ling
We are a group of 3 Secondary 3 girls who decided to adopt the seagrasses at Labrador Park for monitoring, with Team Seagrass helping us(:
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Thursday, June 14, 2007
up next...

it's been such a long time since we did any seagrass monitoring - nearly 2 months! hopefully we haven't forgotten all we've learnt(: our next monitoring session's coming up!
on the 16th of June, we will be conducting our experiment to find out how long a Thalassia leaf will grow to in a certain amount of time. on the 17th of June, we will also be going down to conduct our usual monitoring:D
so this is just a brief update on what we will be doing this weekend, look out for our next post on the monitoring session!


- have you hugged a seagrass today? (: -
6:43 PM