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We are a group of 3 Secondary 3 girls who decided to adopt the seagrasses at Labrador Park for monitoring, with Team Seagrass helping us(:
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Thursday, July 5, 2007
Further plans for Labrador Research

On our RS Meeting in school, we discussed about what we had done, and what we haven't done.

So basically, after some organising, we're working along 3 tracks, all of which are thalassia.

  1. Measuring Lateral growth of Thalassia (GPS Recording, tracking outline)
    → Get GPS Recordings, upload onto map of Labrador Park

2. Measuring distribution (% Cover, using transects)

(After measuring: work)
→ Average % cover each quadrat per monitoring session/ quadrat per plot
→ Look for trends: e.g. Decrease in % cover per monitoring session
→ Canopy Height: Calculate using mode and mean (per quadrat per monitoring session)

(To be measured [Fieldwork])
→ Substrate/ Sediment type
→ Epiphytes Cover
→ Algae Cover
→ Soil Turbidity/ Gradient of Beach
→ Salinity

(To be Researched)
→Meteorological conditions:
→Precipitation [which affects salinity & exposure]
→ Climatic/ Seasonal conditions (Hot & Wet/ Hot & dry)

3. Growth of Thalassia Leaf
→ Calculate Percentage Error
→Organise data (choose appropriate method)
→ Analyse and look for trends

yup basically that's all for our current to-do list! :D
see ya!

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